BIGFOOT ROBOT specializes in marketing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.

We all share the same goal: To grow your business and increase sales. Many business owners forget that marketing is a key component in expanding your business.

BIGFOOT ROBOT helps you build your business, creating a confident strategy for expanding sales, and giving you the tools that will help you get there… all for a price that you can afford.

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Real marketing isn’t just for the “big guys”. Let us help you develop a plan that can grow your business, today and into the future.Read More »

Social Media

A website alone isn’t going to help. In today’s market, it’s equally important to keep your social media current and active.Read More »

Website Design

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a new website. Why pay for custom coding when what you need is a solid solution for less money?Read More »

Digital Production

Eye catching video is a major addition to a website or social media. We can create a cool viral commercial or just a simple how-to for less than you might think.Read More »

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Who We Are

Bigfoot Robot is a team of the best writers, designers and artists around, all with an expertise in the art of marketing, web design and social media. Led by Emmy Award winning visual artist and producer John Parenteau, the team spans not only a wide skill set, but also carries years of experience in the entertainment and design industries, from motion pictures to advertising.

We Have Simple Goals:

  • Provide high quality web design for a reasonable cost
  • Generate consistent social media activity to drive traffic
  • Use creative (not expensive) tools to market your company
  • Produce compelling and useful video to increase visitor attention
  • Work with your budget to provide a solution that makes sense

Key Internet Statistics

Things to know to make your business successful

Percentage of Internet Users Who Access Via Mobile Devices
Billion Dollars, The U.S. eCommerce Economy
Percent of Customers Who Are Influenced by Online Reviews
Seconds To Leave An Impression On a Customer On Your Website

We Solve Problems For You, And Help Your Business Grow

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